Synth & Samplers
  Install Process

Windows PC 64 bits native formats: Stand Alone App, VST2 and VST3.

The demonstration install process is done in 2 steps.
  1. Download and Install the Sound Collection file (16 gig). Important: Only the products with (*) requires the Sound Collection, see list below. Also, this is the same set of sounds for the full version, so you will not need to download another 16 Gig file for the full version, you can still use this one. If you want to manually download sounds click the Sounds link at the top menu.

  2. Install the Engine version of each product that you want to test.

Don't forget to use a download manager to download files. Here's a good one I'm always using (no adware/malware).

Complete Sound Collection
Complete Sound Collection
for all products with (*)
Download Mirror 1
Download Mirror 2
Wusik Station X (*)
Wusik Station X (*) Download
  Wusik 8008 (*)
Wusik 8008 (*) Download
  Wusik EVE V5 (*)
Wusik EVE V5 (*) Download
  Wusik One (*)
Wusik One (*) Download
  Wusik ZR
Wusik ZR Download
  Wusik DLooper
Wusik DLooper Download

  Chainers & Sequencers
Chainers & Sequencers
  Wusik P2000
Wusik P2000 Download
  Wusik SQ200
Wusik SQ200 Download
  Wusik X42
Wusik X42 Download
  Wusik PR82
Wusik PR82 Download